Life Coaching & Counseling                                                                              Post-Traditional Buddhism & Contemporary Shamanism

How did you end up here? Perhaps it was through the Imperfect Buddha Podcast or the Post-Traditional Buddhism site. Either way, this is the coaching site for me, Matthew O’Connell. If you are looking for support in working with a humanistic approach to change, self-development and growth or some sort of spiritual practice, whatever that might mean, O’Connell Coaching may be able to help you with change work, provide guidance, practice, ceremonial activity and coaching support.

The basis for all of the different resources I draw on is Life Coaching. What is Life Coaching and is it worth your time and money? There are a number of responses to that question but the first one has to be a strong yes if you are willing to put in the effort to change your habits, challenge your beliefs and ideas, and experiment with different approaches to the dysfunctional or less rewarding areas of your life.

Change makes change is the coaching motto and it is not wrong.

Life Coaching is based around short periods of intense action and the notion of a path or pathway emerges from your actions and their results rather than a mythical path out there somewhere or the blessing of a svaiour. This is good news if you are fed up with ideas such as perfection, final truth or deliverance, or fantasies about perfect teachers, perfect enlightenment and profound wisdom to be found in the wise words of some great teacher. It is bad news if you hope to be saved, miraculously transformed or rescued.

Coaching is a collaborative affair where you bring your questions, desires, and want for change. The starting place is your life as it is, right now.

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