How long does a session last?

Sessions last approximately one hour.

How much does it cost?

I operate a sliding scale with very reasonable rates. I do this to ensure access for lower bracket incomes. I am also willing to consider special rates for the unemployed and students.

What can I expect?

Coaching is based on a person’s specific needs or desire for change so the content of a session can vary a great deal. You can expect a conversation designed to evaluate where you are at in your life, what your needs are and what you are aiming to change or bring about in your life. Coaching is pragmatic and focuses in on concrete steps towards effective change. You will need to be prepared to make actual change in your life.

What is involved?

Discussion, plan of action and accompanying home tasks. Coaching is a practical affair at heart so each session involves the elaboration of a programme of work to be carried out before the next session based on whatever needs or concerns are pressing. Most new clients come to me through the podcast and website these days and are generally looking for coaching + meditation + personal development or maturation. If you are one of those, then sessions often involve a revaluation of the role of meditation, examination of existing beliefs surrounding Buddhism or the concept of spirituality and a programme of practice to follow. All sessions and homework involve ongoing evaluation and review and this applies equally to meditative techniques and practices.

What should I do to be prepared and get the most out of it?

Reflect on why you feel you need help, support or guidance in your life in this period. What is it you actually want? Where are you stuck? What are the key questions running your life? Does your life have meaning? What would the next ideal step in your life look like? Reflecting on each of these questions you might like to make a few notes and ideally order them for priority. Including them in your initial email will help me determine the degree which I might be able to help. If I am not capable of providing the sort of support of guidance you need, I will do my best to recommend someone who might.

What happens after the first session?

You will have a programme of work to carry out designed to fit in with your current lifestyle. This will involve a more in-depth self-evaluation task that will help me to help you further and kick start a cycle of change. Clients generally commit to a four session cycle and then review whether further help or support or guidance is required.This basic commitment helps to guarantee that the process of change gets off the ground and produces results, however, longer of shorter cycles of sessions are possible.

Some clients desire to go further with the self-development side of coaching and the relationship at that point may change to one of mentoring. This occurs on an individual basis and is always based on a collaborative relationship where agreements are made explicit.

How do I get started?

Use the contact form link at the top of the page to get in touch.